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Gibraltar Cable Barrier System Stops a Bus Carrying Basketball Team from Rolling Off an Icy Highway in Iowa

December 03, 2018 07:28 AM
(ABC 6 News) — A highway barrier cable stopped a coach bus carrying a men’s basketball team from rolling off Interstate 35 near Clear Lake, Iowa on Saturday during a winter storm.

That’s according to the responders who were at the scene of the crash on Interstate 35, south of Clear Lake Saturday night.

The bus was carrying members of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Men’s Basketball team also known as the Eagles. The Eagles were coming from a game against Central College in Pella, Iowa. At the time of the crash, the team was traveling back to Wisconsin after losing a game against the Dutch (Central College) at the P.H. Kuyper Gym. Read Complete Article 

Cable Barriers in the Median on Michigan Highway Save Lives in Multi-Vehicle Pileup

They look like tuna-netting and tear up cars but Michigan’s cable guardrails save lives.

Plunging temperatures and freezing precipitation wreaked havoc on Michigan roads on January 12 (and many other days). Not one, but two eighteen-wheelers jack-knifed on a busy section of I-96 in Ionia County but it was the cable guardrails that saved lives. The posts were toppled but the steel ropes held and the trucks were prevented from crossing the median into oncoming traffic.  Read full article and watch video.

Georgia-DOT is moving forward with new safety cable barriers project on I-185

October 1, 2018 at 2:23 PM EST – Updated October 1 at 4:48 PM
COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – G-DOT’s new the plan is to build what’s called cable barriers along the medians starting at the Harris County line right past exit 14.  They are calling it a proactive safety measure for drivers on 185 to avoid crossing over into the medians into on-coming traffic.  According to the state, there are about 21-thousand vehicles that travel along I-185 per day and G-DOT’s goal is to help reduce the number of traffic deaths after cars head for the median. Read more.

In-Service Performance Evaluation of Median Cable Barriers in Iowa

Median crossover crashes occur on divided roadways and involve an errant vehicle departing the travel lane, traversing the median, and striking either a fixed object on the roadside or an oncoming vehicle in the opposing direction of travel. These types of crashes are associated with the highest risk of fatal and severe injuries among all collision types on Interstates due to the increased travel speeds of the involved vehicle(s) and the sharp angle of vehicular impact. Median crossover crashes are caused by a variety of factors, including drowsiness, weather impacts, driver distraction, impaired driving, loss of control, and other factors. Read the entire report here.

Gibraltar Cable Barrier Systems Anticipates Continuing Growth Following Acquisition 

 BURNET, TX – Gibraltar Cable Barrier Systems moved into 2018 in fast forward, after being acquired by Framework Capital Partners and Tecum Equity Partners in late 2017.  The leader in high-tension cable barrier systems for the transportation industry began with re-branding their identity under the Gibraltar Global corporate entity.  Read more.

The Minnesota Dept of Transportation Studies The Effectiveness of High Tension Cable Median Barriers  

The Minnesota Dept of Transportation studied the cost and effectiveness of cable median barrier installations throughout the state.  Read the report

Washington State Cable Median Barrier In-Service Study

The Washington State Department of Transportation conducted an in-depth study of Cable Median Barriers. This report documents Washington’s experience with cable median barrier by analyzing its initial installation cost, maintenance costs, maintenance experiences, and accident history before and after installation. The report is based on accident and maintenance report data associated with 24.4 total miles of cable median barrier located in three distinct locations along Interstate 5 (I-5).  Read the complete report.

Performance Assessment of Road Barriers in Indiana by the Indiana Dept of Transportation and Purdue University

An in-service performance study of widely used types of barriers was conducted for various road conditions in Indiana to help designers and highway engineers select the most promising solutions among viable alternatives.  Read the complete report.