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Thank You from Grateful Father

The Michigan Department of Transportation has installed Gibraltar Cable Barriers in several counties throughout the state.  The department recently received a thank you note that they shared with Gibraltar:

We received this thoughtful and appreciative e-mail from a retired Eaton County sheriff deputy regarding median cable guardrail and a crash on I-96 last week:

“This morning there was a serious (crash) on I-96 in the area of Mt. Hope Highway in which a semi tanker truck went out of control and started to cross the median from the westbound lane toward the eastbound side. It stuck and was stopped by the cable barrier that was in that area closest to the eastbound lanes. While the truck was heavily damaged and rolled up on its side, it was contained by the barrier. 

If you look at the photograph leading the story on WLNS-6 web page … you will see an ECSD SUV on the eastbound side lane. That is where my oldest son Bryan was this morning on the way to work, when the truck hit the wire barrier. He said pieces of the debris from the truck hit him as it happened. He was shaken, considerably, but able to call me after settling down. He told me that the barrier, which we’ve all grumbled about at times, saved his life as it’s certain the truck would have continued into his path and killed him and possibly a number of others, as traffic was heavy at that time.

On behalf of my son, his two kids, and our whole family, we want to tell you how grateful we are that MDOT has invested in the cable barriers. We all thank your organization for the planning and forethought that went into the implementation of the cable barriers.”

Calgary Crews Install Cable Barrier along Stoney Trail

Once finished, all 65 kilometres of the completed Calgary ring road will be lined with cable barriers. Michael King reports.

Posted August 15 2019 by Global News


Cable System Aims to Save Lives
System being installed in Shelby County

By Kyle Shaner

SIDNEY – Installation of high tension cable barriers along Shelby County highways is almost complete, which the Ohio Department of Transportation expects will save lives.

Jay Winn, a regional sales manager for Gibraltar Cable Barrier Systems in Texas, visited ODOT’s Shelby County garage on Wednesday to speak to approximately 35 people including ODOT employees, police officers, emergency medical technicians and tow truck drivers. His presentation informed the attendees about the barriers, how to repair them and offered safety tips for working around them.

“It’s a little different than most systems that you see out there but very effective,” Winn said of the cable system.

The high tension cable barriers are designed to act like a net when a vehicle hits them. Anchors are embedded into the ground and hold tension on cables that catch vehicles after they strike the system.  Read entire article.

Wrong Way Crash Reinforces Need for Interstate Cable Barriers


Video shows the moments before a wrong way crash on I-80 near West Branch.  Investigators are still trying to determine why 60 year-old Leif McGowan kept driving the wrong way for at least a mile and a half. He was the only person hurt in the crash. When it happened yesterday traffic was backed up for miles. Review of DOT cameras shows McGowan’s semi going the right way on I-80 east about three miles before the crash.  Read entire article.


April 8-12, 2019 is National Work Zone Awareness Week

Seeing orange vests and cones on the road often triggers frustration and short tempers.  This article from IntelliStrobe Safety Systems provides helpful reminders about safe driving in construction zones.  The theme for this year’s National Work Zone Awareness Week says it all – “Drive Like You Work Here!”

Work Zone Safety: For Drivers

Every year in April, road workers across the country honor National Work Zone Awareness Week (NWZAW). This year NWZAW falls on April 8-12, and the theme is “Drive Like You Work Here.” Federal, state, and independent agencies will be hosting events and promoting awareness of all week long, but you can honor National Work Zone Awareness week all year long by being a safe and responsible driver.

In recognition of National Work Zone Awareness Week, we’ve rounded up four safety tips for driving in work zones and being aware of what’s going on around you. After all, the safety of the workers inside the work zone depends on you.  Read entire article.

Gibraltar Cable Barriers is proud to be partnering with Massana Contruction on this project for the Georgia Department of Transportation.
$4.5 million DOT Contract Signed

By Tia Lynn Ivey

managing editor

New safety infrastructure is coming to sections of I-20 that runs through Madison, according to the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT).  The $4.54 million project will fund the construction of cable median barriers that will span between Walton County and Tallaferro County.

The cable median barriers are designed to enhance safety in the case of accidents.

“Soon various sections of Interstate 20 will be equipped with cable median barriers, which reduce highway crossover crashes that typically result in fatalities or severe injuries,” said Kyle Collins, a spokesperson for GDOT.

According to a GDOT press release, Massana Inc. was recently awarded the $4.54 million project that covers median locations from mile 100 (Walton County) to mile 142.9 (Taliaferro County).  Read entire article.

Cable Barrier Saves Truckers from Catastrophic Head-on Collision
Saved by the barrier.

A semi truck driver has shared dash cam video of a frightening near miss with another out of control tractor trailer.

The dash cam video was captured on I-40 about 60 miles east of Little Rock, Arkansas, on February 19.

In the video, you can see the dash cammer traveling in the left lane of the interstate when a truck heading the opposite direction loses control, barrels through the median, and seems just moments from entering oncoming traffic.

At the last moment, the oncoming truck driver hits a cable barrier in the median, preventing it from crashing into the dash cammer and other vehicles.

DOTD Installing Cable Barriers on I-10 in Jeff Davis Parish

JENNINGS, La. (KLFY) – Contractors are putting up cable barriers along Interstate 10 in Jeff Davis Parish and a small section of Calcasieu Parish.

The $7 million project began in April. The cable barriers are being installed from Jennings to Iowa.  The cable barriers are important safety features for the interstate.

They’re meant to minimize the risk of serious injury or death. They’re also meant to reduce serious damage to your car if you hit them.

“If you were to cross over the median you’re going to hit that cable barrier and kind of reflect back into your lane,” said Tammy York, the DOTD District 7 Public Information Officer. “You’re not going to cross that median. You’re not going to have those cross-median accidents.”

This test video from the Gibraltar Company shows a pickup truck going 62 miles an hour crash into a cable barrier. The barrier prevents the truck from going through to the other side.  Read full article and watch the video.

Cable Barriers in the Median on Michigan Highway Save Lives in Multi-Vehicle Pileup

They look like tuna-netting and tear up cars but Michigan’s cable guardrails save lives.

Plunging temperatures and freezing precipitation wreaked havoc on Michigan roads on January 12 (and many other days). Not one, but two eighteen-wheelers jack-knifed on a busy section of I-96 in Ionia County but it was the cable guardrails that saved lives. The posts were toppled but the steel ropes held and the trucks were prevented from crossing the median into oncoming traffic.  Read full article and watch video.

Georgia-DOT is moving forward with new safety cable barriers project on I-185

October 1, 2018 at 2:23 PM EST – Updated October 1 at 4:48 PM
COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – G-DOT’s new the plan is to build what’s called cable barriers along the medians starting at the Harris County line right past exit 14.  They are calling it a proactive safety measure for drivers on 185 to avoid crossing over into the medians into on-coming traffic.  According to the state, there are about 21-thousand vehicles that travel along I-185 per day and G-DOT’s goal is to help reduce the number of traffic deaths after cars head for the median. Read more.

In-Service Performance Evaluation of Median Cable Barriers in Iowa

Median crossover crashes occur on divided roadways and involve an errant vehicle departing the travel lane, traversing the median, and striking either a fixed object on the roadside or an oncoming vehicle in the opposing direction of travel. These types of crashes are associated with the highest risk of fatal and severe injuries among all collision types on Interstates due to the increased travel speeds of the involved vehicle(s) and the sharp angle of vehicular impact. Median crossover crashes are caused by a variety of factors, including drowsiness, weather impacts, driver distraction, impaired driving, loss of control, and other factors. Read the entire report here.

Gibraltar Cable Barrier Systems Anticipates Continuing Growth Following Acquisition

 BURNET, TX – Gibraltar Cable Barrier Systems moved into 2018 in fast forward, after being acquired by Framework Capital Partners and Tecum Equity Partners in late 2017.  The leader in high-tension cable barrier systems for the transportation industry began with re-branding their identity under the Gibraltar Global corporate entity.  Read more.

The Minnesota Dept of Transportation Studies The Effectiveness of High Tension Cable Median Barriers

The Minnesota Dept of Transportation studied the cost and effectiveness of cable median barrier installations throughout the state.  Read the report


Washington State Cable Median Barrier In-Service Study

The Washington State Department of Transportation conducted an in-depth study of Cable Median Barriers. This report documents Washington’s experience with cable median barrier by analyzing its initial installation cost, maintenance costs, maintenance experiences, and accident history before and after installation. The report is based on accident and maintenance report data associated with 24.4 total miles of cable median barrier located in three distinct locations along Interstate 5 (I-5).  Read the complete report.

Performance Assessment of Road Barriers in Indiana by the Indiana Dept of Transportation and Purdue University

An in-service performance study of widely used types of barriers was conducted for various road conditions in Indiana to help designers and highway engineers select the most promising solutions among viable alternatives.  Read the complete report.