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Gibraltar Global Cable Barrier System

Case Studies

Ingham/Clinton Counties, Michigan

Contractor: Action Traffic Maintenance, Inc.
System: TL-4, 3 cable. Driven Terminals & Driven Sockets with 10.5′ post spacing
Linear Feet: 10,710 LF & 8 Terminals

  • This installation was on a stretch of roadway with a crossover history.
  • This project is a trial test of our driven terminal section (with alterations) by MDOT.
  • This would be the first HTCB project in Michigan without concrete.
  • Additional training was required as this is the first installation of a driven terminal by the contractor.


  • The project finished on time without incident, and the contractor appreciated not having to pour concrete.
  • The contractor was able to use their current driving equipment to adapt to the driven material, which sped up the installation process.
  • Since the project was completed quickly, the contractor spent less time in the median in harms way, thus creating a safer project!
  • Although the system was driven, & used no concrete, the above ground system still performs the same as the system with concrete footings.
  • The project was reviewed by the Lansing State Journal. Click here to read the complete article.