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Gibraltar Global Cable Barrier System

Near Hinton, Alberta

Near Hinton, Alberta

Location:       Near Hinton, Alberta, Canada

Contractor:   Frontier Fence and Guard Rail Ltd.

System:         TL 4 3 cable system with driven terminal ends

Linear Feet:    2400 meters / 7,200 ft.

Challenges & Solutions:      A coal mine access road travels through very steep, rough terrain and is adjacent to a conveyor belt that moves the coal from the mine down the mountain.  The first challenge was to provide more safety for drivers, protect the conveyor belt from damage from vehicle hits, while preserving access to the conveyor for maintenance.  The customer was considering W – Beam guardrail, however, this would limit access to the conveyor.

Frontier Fence and Guard Rail Ltd. suggested high tension cable barrier, explaining to the project manager how the posts can be removed from the sockets and the cables can be held down, allowing access to the conveyor.

Installation of the HTCB presented an additional challenge.  The rocky terrain did not allow for typical socket installation.  Frontier Fence addressed the challenge by drilling and backfilling the sockets holes. Once the hole was backfilled they drove the tube into the backfill material.